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Condolences / Nike Hoedoafia (family)  Read >>
Condolences / Nike Hoedoafia (family)
i always remember Bolaji with his big larger than life laugh..May his soul rest his peace and may the good Lord comfort his immediate family during their period of grief. Close
Lord sent your comfort  / Bola Banjoko   Read >>
Lord sent your comfort  / Bola Banjoko
Lord comfort your people. I pray for his nearest and dearest that the Lord of all comfort would hold them in his precious hand. Send your comfort.  I remember Bolaji a somebody who set himself a goal (To be a pilot at a very young age) and achieved it. He was truly a source of inspiration. Close
Memories Of You Linger On  / Olufunke TINUOYE (SURBODINATE)  Read >>
Memories Of You Linger On  / Olufunke TINUOYE (SURBODINATE)

Capt, you lived a short but remarkable life and everyone that knew you would have one good thing or the other to say about your personality as you were truly amiable and very fun to be with. I am still in so much shock that you are gone so soon. May the Almighty God grant us the fortitude to bear this great and sudden loss.

Your memory truly lingers on.

Sleep on at Jesus' feet.

Gone Too Soon!  / Henrietta Edubio (Surbodinate)  Read >>
Gone Too Soon!  / Henrietta Edubio (Surbodinate)
Ȋ̝̊̅† Ȋ̝̊̅s difficult †ø̲̣̣ imagine that we wȋ̊ℓℓ ß going through D̶̲̥̅̊ ordeal of bidding farewell messages †ø̲̣̣ our Capt. Mike when we are meant †ø̲̣̣ ß planning on how †ø̲̣̣ celebrate. Ȋ̝̊̅† was ǟll like å dream when D̶̲̥̅̊ news of his demise came †ø̲̣̣ us. But whatever question we have, we leave i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ hands of Almighty God, D̶̲̥̅̊ author and finisher of every soul. We wȋ̊ℓℓ miss you and pray that your gentle soul rest i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ perfect peace! Amen Close
Last Departure  / Alex Ndule (Student/Colleague)  Read >>
Last Departure  / Alex Ndule (Student/Colleague)
Big Boss, Didn't see this one coming. But I take solace in the good life you lived, never allowing anyone "push" you around and having a swell time while you were at it. Do rest with the LORD till we meet again. Alex Close
Adieu / Yinka Dawodu (Colleague)  Read >>
Adieu / Yinka Dawodu (Colleague)
Always cheerful, always so good to talk to. God chose to take you back to him at this time. We will miss you but our comfort is that you are in a better place. Rest in peace Captain and may God remain with all those you've left behind... Close
My Darling Unc B  / Bose Bnajoko (Niece)  Read >>
My Darling Unc B  / Bose Bnajoko (Niece)
There will never be enuf words to express my utmost shock or hurt but who am I to question God's will for you? All i can do is give thanx for being a gr8 part of ur life. I can't imgine u not being there, u've always been there!! Your fan base extends way back to my secondary school pals cos no1 else had an uncle that was "too cool for school and too weird for this world" There can"t be any1 close to you who doesn't know what "Gromico" and "donating generously to the World Bank" means. What abt ur lovely BBQs(pronounced Baba-Que-Que)? Who am i supposed to be swapping the latest entertainment happenings with? and what about our jokes? that was almost a daily ritual cos wt our very demanding jobs, a dose of lafta a day keeps the crazies away! You must have been the man God had in mind when he stated"see u a man diligent in his ways,he shall stand before Kings and not mere men". You epitomized hard work,diligence and honesty. You flourished like Palm trees planted at the waterside. You were a family man. In your mini kingdom,surrounded by your own kind,that"s were u were happiest. You loved family. Our family hang outs will never be the same again,dts for certain. All glory to God Almighty for the blessing you were to us all,God bless u immensely! As far as i'm concerned,u've simply relocated to a better place from where u can watch over us all and call us Gromicos. Your presence,lafta,jokes and gist will be sorely missed. You were a man among men and totally redefined the word "cool." Alive forever you will remain in my heart. Stay safe my darling Unc B. Love always,B. Close
Biggie! / Obinna Ojiako (friend/colleague)  Read >>
Biggie! / Obinna Ojiako (friend/colleague)
How can you explain that someone you had a long hearty phone conversation a few hours earlier is gone forever. It is nearly 14 years since we first met in Eket and my memories of you will always be fond. RIP Biggie Close
Unbelievable / Abiodun Akindolie (Cpt Femi's sister )  Read >>
Unbelievable / Abiodun Akindolie (Cpt Femi's sister )
Captain Mike, This is one of the miracles of life that is beyond explanation. You were consoling the family on the departure of Sis Yinka, only for you to disappear like in a rapture. You are such a humble and level-headed man that I knew from afar. You both have left a big gap in Captain Femi's life that only God can fill. May the Lord uphold Mitchell, the kids, Captain Femi and all family members. God be with you guys till we all meet again at Jesus feet. Adieu Close
RIP / Titi Banjoko (Family friend )  Read >>
RIP / Titi Banjoko (Family friend )
Thank you for being a lifelong friend to my brother challenging him andtelling him the truth when needed. May your spirit and soul rest in perfect peace. Pray that the Lord Jesus christ will comfort your wife and children and be all that they need Close
Gone too soon!!!!!!  / Bukky And Dapo Ako (Family friend )  Read >>
Gone too soon!!!!!!  / Bukky And Dapo Ako (Family friend )
Uncle B, May the good Lord grant you eternal rest. Everyone loves you, but God loves you more. Rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord. Amen. Adieu Close
The COOLEST Man In Town, Has Left The Building!!!!  / Tayo Odunuga (Sister)  Read >>
The COOLEST Man In Town, Has Left The Building!!!!  / Tayo Odunuga (Sister)
Uncle B! If I was to sit here and write how I really felt about your loss, I would be here forever and I just don't think there is enough space in the whole of cyberspace to take my emotions!

I came into the Odunuga family as a wife and you took me as a SISTER! That I will never forget! We clicked from the first day I met you in Thamesmead, you were always laughing and just being you! You made me feel so relaxed and happy to be joining the Odunuga family.

If I was to call you relaxed, that would be an understatement, in the years I knew you I never once saw you angry and you would also tell me (and everyone else) 'No Wahala', that 'No Wahala' is ringing in my ear constantly and when I hear it I smile because that was you through and through.

Your life may have been short, but as we all know it is not about how LONG you live but how WELL you live your life and Uncle B, you lived your life WELL!!!! And I know you will continue to live WELL in all our hearts from henceforth.

Don't worry about your girls, We will be there for them! We will be there to instill the 'No Wahala' trademark into them.

Uncle B, I must stop now because the tears are not stopping! You were the Captain on this Earth for many a person and I pray as you have gone to be with our overall Captain, the Lord, you will continue to pilot us all from above.

Sun re o Uncle B, I love you lots and thank you so much for making my time with you as an Odunuga a great one....

PS: I'll miss our online searching for all your gadgets!! lol Close
Mr / Sulaiman Alawoki (Friend)  Read >>
Mr / Sulaiman Alawoki (Friend)
I wish I could gather the right words to make your pain less and offer you some comfort. You are always in my thoughts. Close
MR / Adewale Banjoko (Brother)  Read >>
MR / Adewale Banjoko (Brother)
RIP Brother!!!!!!!!! Close
Memories for a life time  / Kayode (Jnr) &. Seyi Dehinbo (Nephew)  Read >>
Memories for a life time  / Kayode (Jnr) &. Seyi Dehinbo (Nephew)
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch of our dear Uncle B(Mr No wahala) as we usually call him, he was more than an uncle to us, he was our Father, our confidant, our friend and much more. Whenever we needed advice,assistance,encouragement he was always there for us, we will miss you greatly.Your kindness and generosity will be missed by all. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we will begin to realize not just that you died, but that you lived!. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget which we will cherish forever and ever. Love Jnr and seyi. Close
Still Cannot and do not want to believe it!!  / Remi Banjoko (Brother)  Read >>
Still Cannot and do not want to believe it!!  / Remi Banjoko (Brother)
Bolaji, I cannot get over the news that you are gone. I have known you since childhood and we have grown up together. We have shared many moments together, good and bad. You have always felt like my twin brother and I have always been close to you like a twin brother. Your warmth, kindness, love and generosity will be missed by many. My dear brother, I grief for you and miss you terribly. I pray the good Lord will give your wife, Michelle, comfort and your daughters, Seun and Moyo. The good Lord will be a husband to your wife and a father to your daughters in Jesus name. Rest in peace!! Close
The Best there was, the best that would ever be...  / Toks Odunuga (Nephew)  Read >>
The Best there was, the best that would ever be...  / Toks Odunuga (Nephew)

Uncle B as I call him...... but he was more like my older brother!! some even say we look alike, physically, character wise, mentality and somewhat general outlook to life!! But really and truely, if I could be half the man he was, that would do me just fine!

SHOCK, DEVASTATED, UNEXPECTED are just a few words that describe what me and our family as a whole feel but who are we to question God. And in Uncle B's words, he would probably be saying what are you all fussing about.. lol

I give Glory to God for a very short life spent and I know your STAR is shinning down on us all. Sun re o and I know your legacy lives on!!


RIP BIG Bro...... Love you now and always!

Baba Ijebu  / Korede Olaiya _. Adesanmi (Sister from another Mother )  Read >>
Baba Ijebu  / Korede Olaiya _. Adesanmi (Sister from another Mother )


It must be a bad dream i will wake up from where?when? what? My heart almost stopped as it was too much for me to bear.

Baba Ijebu, you and Capt Oh related as blood siblings though you called him "your mentor and tormentor"  you just incorprated me in and treated me as your sister.whatever info Capt Oh did not give me I got from you first hand.

Mrs O said a long time ago that the only cpmpetitor she has is Mike Odunuga. You were so loving , so giving, very considerate  and never a dull moment.

When my sister got married in December we named you "father of the bride 2".

When Mrs O passed I thought in my feeble mind...Mike Odunuga will be there to help Capt Oh not knowing your work too was done....

There was no time you came to Houston without coming over to see me and my family and i had looked forward to you coming later this year as you told me.

Am going to miss our long distance calls, the gists , your loud laughs and beautiful memories .

God will be there for Mitchell and your lovely daughters Seun and Moyo.

Adeiu my dear friend and brother


GOD KNOWS BEST... WE SURRENDER ALL  / Bisi Adisa (nee Olujitan) (Childhood friend )  Read >>
GOD KNOWS BEST... WE SURRENDER ALL  / Bisi Adisa (nee Olujitan) (Childhood friend )

Mobolaji, a friend... a childhood mate.  I remember those early years... we were born in the same year, lived on the same street, your house faced mine.  Fred Anyiam in those days.... my sister Tope, your cousin ID, dem Tokunbo...  Lost contact for almost 2 decades.  Saw you about 4 years ago with Sis Moji and Tokunbo in my church in London.  Then to be told of this horrendous loss.... indeed 'death doth have a painful sting'... but hey, we will one day meet again ... and to part no more... at the feet of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.  The one who knows all and most importantly, knows best.  If he says it is best you come home to him now, who are we to judge or query Him?  You have always being of a temperate nature, calm, kind and generous.  Your departure is not only a loss to your family who no doubt love you dearly, but to everyone who has ever known you.  Being a wife and a mother of three girls myself, I commiserate with your wife Michelle and the two lovely girls you have left behind.  I have no doubt that the one whose eye is upon the sparrow, Jehovah Lord, will watch over them for you and perfect that which concerns them.  And with you also looking down protectively of course...

Rest in peace... Bolaji my brother, rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till the day we will meet and never part no more.  Adieu!

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