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Rest in Peace Bolaji  / Babajide Sotande-Peters (Neighbour in Surelere( Fred Anyam) )  Read >>
Rest in Peace Bolaji  / Babajide Sotande-Peters (Neighbour in Surelere( Fred Anyam) )
Got to work this morning and your name flashed through my mind. Having not seen or heard from you in over 30 years, I decided to track you down online only to come across this page. I read various tributes, trying to convince myself that it was another Bolaji, then familiar names started popping up, The Banjoko's , Fred anyam Street etc. I am truly saddened by this news. Bolaji was my neighbour on Fred Anyam, our families became close as a result of our friendship. We played over the fence when we had house chores to do and were not allowed to go out and play.We watched King Kong on your spool projector, we visited your cousins in Aguda where we watched James Bond movies on their betamax VCR and so much more. You were are good friend and brother. I am really sad that we never got the chance to catch up in adult life and reminisce about those good old days. May GOD Almighty grant your soul eternal rest and most especially grant your family the strength and fortitude to bear this loss. Sun re o! My Odogbolu friend. Close
Engr / Emma Ogunpitan (Friend & Brother )  Read >>
Engr / Emma Ogunpitan (Friend & Brother )
It's 1st Jan 2015; close to 3yrs after your demise for me to know via internet. Have made calls, enquiries to no avail; only to resign to faith that you are probably out of the country. How ironical! You are with "The Lord" I remember you friend especially our times together on Nasara-X Location Development @ Futuk, Alkaleri LGA, Bauch State. You were such a gentle soul, loving, kind and a faithful pal. I remember now our last meet @ the cinema, in company of your loving wife. My heart goes out to her and your kids. The Lord will continually comfort and provide for them. Adieu! Big Mikki You've fought a good fight: you are a trophy in the hands of our saviour - Jesus Christ. Close
Mike / Susan Mallender (Friend)  Read >>
Mike / Susan Mallender (Friend)
A true Gentleman. Respected and admired. Such a shame your time here was so short. Close
Farewell Dear Friend!  / Dapo Oyeleke (Friend)  Read >>
Farewell Dear Friend!  / Dapo Oyeleke (Friend)

'A Mikky Chu' - When I was approached by our dear friend and colleague, Femi, to see if I could assist to facilitate the set-up this website - to capture any Tributes, Photos and 'Candles' in your memory; I felt truly honoured and without any hesitation I had said yes! without actually having the vaguest idea of how to really go about doing this.
So I initially considered playing back many of those 'good old songs' that define those memorable days and unforgettable period in our lives at 'Esa Akpan', in the hope that this would help to capture and rekindle some of the very fond memories of that 'short' but rich period. However, for this piece I've decided to settle for the Jazz Version of 'The Amazing Grace' and to put a few words to paper from my heart in tribute as I trust you will understand.

I have had the rare privilege of Mike's acquaintance for over 17 years, from the later part of his student days as a Cadet Pilot at the Bristow Flying Training School in Redhill.
When he joined the Team in Eket following his successful completion of his training, it became quickly apparent that this tall, lanky, gregarious Pilot was one blessed with very special and unique qualities.

A true and very reliable Friend, in deed and in need!
An extremely competent, professional and hard working Pilot who brought to his profession a maturity and dedication that is uncommon and beyond his years!
An extremely principled and disciplined Gentleman, yet with good cheer and an amazing sense of humour!
A loving Husband to his Dear Wife Michelle and Father to his Children!

Mike, As I reflect upon the ‘short period’ spent in your company, I remember the laughter, the tears of joy and sorrow; the Jokes, the long fables, the meals we shared, the flights we executed and above all the absolutely fantastic time we had.
Mike, I thank God for having the privilege of knowing you. There are so many things that we don’t know on this side of the veil. We are finite creatures, tied to space and time, captured to a little speck of human history and experience.
It is for this reason that so much of life is a mystery. Trust the Lord we must, for he knows best.

Whilst no one has any answers as to the question, “why” … and such answers really wouldn’t remove the pain anyway even if we knew them … You have made your mark in more ways than many will achieve in a dozen lifetimes.
Your legacy will remain indelible forever. And therein, we can find some comfort.
Rest in Peace – Adieu Dear Friend


Life is a Journey  / Soji Ajala (Friend/Colleague)  Read >>
Life is a Journey  / Soji Ajala (Friend/Colleague)

Just reflecting on life as a journey, spoke with Big Mike a few wks before the news of his departure, not knowing that was going to be the last time we speak here on earth.....anyway, its the reality we    are all only passsing through, my prayer is when we are all through may we leave with a pass mark for throughly we are only passing through.

Michelle and family...we love you, spoke with you over the phone....will continue to pray for strength to bear the loss.


Sunre Bolaji  / Olayinka Oyebanjo (Mentor)  Read >>
Sunre Bolaji  / Olayinka Oyebanjo (Mentor)
The day I gave you the opportunity as an observer on the B737 training flight years ago in Lagos, and you made up your mind to be a pilot will always keep your memory in my mind, as I am so proud of your determination and achievement. May your gentle soul rest in peace and God will surely grant your family the strenght to bear the loss.  Sunre O Close
My hon  / Emem Iwunna (Late husbands friend )  Read >>
My hon  / Emem Iwunna (Late husbands friend )
U left without saying gudbye cant believe u wont tease me again. When my husband died u became a gud friend to I and the kids u were always there 4 us. I only saw u once u came visiting my husband when he was sick. Just once since then u became a pillar 4 us. We havent seen since iyke died but yet u reached out to us. U were truly his friend n boss. I wish I have words to express hw I feel, but words cant tell it all. I and the kids will miss u and u will always be in our hearts. Is true what they say gud pple dont live long..... Really sad. I pray the lord gives strength to ur family just like he gave me. And put smiles on their faces each day. Close
A sad Loss  / Markus Olaleye (Friend)  Read >>
A sad Loss  / Markus Olaleye (Friend)
So many memories from when we first met, sad there won't be any more. "Big Mike" your big smile will be greatly missed. Close
Mrs. / Imoh Essien (Small-Big)  Read >>
Mrs. / Imoh Essien (Small-Big)
Capt. Mike, so that was the last time you teased 'Small'. So many why. Sleep on till the resurection AM flight. May your family & friends draw strength in God. Close
Exactly two weeks ago, it crossed my mind that its been a while I heard from you. I picked up my phone and called you just to say hi. I never knew that would be the last. I remembered you saying, we will hook up in your next trip to Lagos. Ah o ma se o, ile nje eniyan. Iku doro, o pa eni rere. In any case, O ye BABA GOD. The good lord that has called you at this point will not depart from your household. He will keep and protect your entire family. Bigmike Sun Re ooooooooooooooooo. Close
In Total Shock  / Tope Adeniyi Nee Olujitan (Childhood friend )  Read >>
In Total Shock  / Tope Adeniyi Nee Olujitan (Childhood friend )
Bolaji!!!!, are you truly gone?. My brother called me from Nigeria this morning after seeing your Obituary in the papers.
A great boy you were and a great man you grew to be. Spoke to you late last year after losing touch for almost 15 years not knowing that would be the last time I would hear your voice.
I remember vividly our Fred Anyiam days and your dogged determination to fly planes from a very early age. I used to be amazed at all the paper planes and your fascination with flying but later grew to respect you for knowing what you wanted in life and pursuing it.
I pray the mercy and favor of God abide with your wife and children including all your loved ones.
Sleep well in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your memories remain fresh and cherished in our hearts!. Close
Live Forever - Big Mike!  / Gideon Soyemi (Colleague, Friend & Mentee )  Read >>
Live Forever - Big Mike!  / Gideon Soyemi (Colleague, Friend & Mentee )
I joked about being your boy, but you teased by saying "You are my man now". Little did I know you were signalling your passage. Though you might be physically out-of-earth, everlasting like the sun, your memories  linger. I thank God for the privilege to have shared a part of your life with you. I miss you greatly everyday. Big Mike! Rest in peace. Close
A Rare Genius  / JOHNBOSCO NJOKU (FRIEND)  Read >>

A rare genius. he was an amazing fellow, kind and considerate. your passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of everyone who knows you. your memory will always remain deep within my heart.

JohnBosco Njoku

Rest In Perfect Peace  / Dave Folorunso (Colleague at Bristow )  Read >>
Rest In Perfect Peace  / Dave Folorunso (Colleague at Bristow )
I do not know where to start from Miki, but i pray that your Soul rest in perfect peace and the good Lord give your family the fortitude to bear this loss.  Close
uncle B,  / Prince Ukpong Akpabio (in-law)  Read >>
uncle B,  / Prince Ukpong Akpabio (in-law)
...Surely we will meet to path no more. Rest in peace. Close
Miss / Mfon Abia   Read >>
Miss / Mfon Abia
The sad news of your demise is heart breaking.I used to call you Mr. Fix It because you just knew how to fix things right.Everytime I saw you,I was happy.You had this aura around you that gave me hope in my down moments. I will never see you on earth again but you touched my life in a special way. Close
Diamonds Are Forever  / Nene Ukanwoke (Friend)  Read >>
Diamonds Are Forever  / Nene Ukanwoke (Friend)
Big Mike, First my friend's husband, then my colleague, and eventually my friend. Can i bring myself to write about you in past tense? I have attempted this several times and failed. Your hearty laughter still rings in my ears from jokes shared at work, away from work, on BlackBerry and even some passed silently that left us bursting out in laughter given your exclusive sense of humour. God's finger touched you and you left it all as did the disciples of old - your 3 adorable girls, your siblings, your friends, your interests, your aspirations and life's meaningless 'strughles'. God conceals from us the beauty of death! Rest Mike, rest... God will cater for your gems. Close
CANDLE IN THE WIND  / Tamunosisi Oyam-Jaja (Subordinate)  Read >>
CANDLE IN THE WIND  / Tamunosisi Oyam-Jaja (Subordinate)
"My beloved boss & friend, words alone cannot express the pain I feel in my heart concerning your untimely departure to the world beyond. Your demise was a shock & has left an aching void difficult to fill. I'll remember your vibrancy at meetings; I'll remember your love for life; I'll remember the bonds that bound us. Yes! I will remember! Will there be another Capt. Mike? May your gentle soul find perfect rest in the bosom of our Lord. Amen" Close
On the other side  / Vincent Ribaric (Ex-Bristow friend )  Read >>
On the other side  / Vincent Ribaric (Ex-Bristow friend )
It has been said that time and separation will fly away like seconds. It has been said that there will be no more differences and only love will spread on the other side. Mike, you were very much appreciated and you departed too soon. May the Lord keep you his his heart. For the old good time we shared, I wish to see you again there, on this other side and it will be a privilege to fly again with you there in peace and harmony like brothers. Until such time, I will join you family and friends in prayers for you and them. Regards Vct Close
Capt Mike, the news of your sudden demise from this world was shocking.  I left the office on Friday with a promise of sending report to you on Monday.  Little did I know that my amiable, ever smiling and encouraging boss will be no more.  THIS LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES!  I really enjoyed working with you those few months.  Who am I to question your creator.  He has decided to take you home at this time.  Rest in Peace my boss.  Your memories will ever remain in our hearts.  ADIEU!! Close
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